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Coffee, Pods and Wods

Coffee, Pods and Wods is a weekly podcast that shares the stories of coaches, personalities and top athletes from the world of CrossFit. 

Having started as a casual weekly conversation with people I admire the show has grown to unexpected heights, welcoming on the best in the world of coaching and competing and some of the biggest names in the sport as well as community leaders and home grown inspiration.

Peter is hilarious and great fun! The podcasts are always a good time filled with interesting insights and wonderful guests. You can’t go wrong here!

Armen Hammer
CrossFit Content Creator and Mullet Curator, Austin

Peter is not only a master of making his guests comfortable, because he is genuinely interested in their stories, but is also hilarious with on point remarks. Coffee, Pods and Wods is the real deal.

Greg Lanctot
Event MC & Co-Owner / Traffic Coffee, Montreal

I was pulled in by the name, 3 of my favourite things so I decided to give it a listen and wasn't disappointed. Peter has a very innocent interviewing technique which settles the guest but it also gets the honest heartfelt answers. Guests include local CF community heroes to the best of the best competitors and coaches, I really look forward to every Wednesday's new episode drop.

Chef & CrossFit Enthusiast

Thought provoking, engaging and conversational. Peters unabashed nature and approach to interviews allows him to strike a warm balance with guests. From thoughtful and informative, to silly and playful, and back again. Never formulaic, always interesting, thoroughly enjoyable. Listening has become a weekly ritual.

Hannah Moore
Owner & Coach / CrossFit Cnoc

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*20% off with discount code PODS

Birdbox Coaching

*20% off with discount code PODS

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*20% off with discount code PODS